pahlmy: You once said you had some skin problems. How dod you get rid of your acne/ are there any products you would recommend? You gave such lovely glowing skin and i am in desperate need for a new regimen Much love x


Hey love ….yea I had really bad painful cystic acne. Have to say The only TRUE remedy is changing your diet completely ! Pills and cremes may help but you never know what long term permanent damage your doing to your body . (Accutane for example ) eliminating dairy is number 1 !!
. Dairy is mucus forming , feeds bacteria and causes MAJOR inflammation within the body
. 2 . Drink WAY more water Like an obscene amount a day .start with two liters if you can and just build up to flush your system and eliminate toxins and bacteria .. Your skin is an organ (Your largest one in fact) so treat it as such
3. Drink green tea !!!! This was a personal helper for me that I found on accident! Turns out Green tea naturally kills bacteria (the root of acne ) flushes the system and blocks the hormone progesterone . Progesterone is the male hormone that fuels break outs . I started drinking 4 really strong UNSWEETENED cups a day .
4. Sleep . Your skin cells naturally turn over and regenerate and repair while you sleep every night . But if your not achieving rem sleep this won’t work and your skin will kick you for it . Take some naps and cut the stress .
Start with those 4 things and see how you feel ! (I also cut out gluten which helped but that was based on other specific health concerns. Hope this helps ! Bless )

Ps. Take your time with this No ones perfect and we all slip  ! I know I do .But at least you’ll have control over your skin you’ll know when you’ve done something and a breakout is on it’s way

Pps: I use Murad’s acne cleanser and a plain hypoallergenic non comedigenic (means it doesn’t clog your pores ) fragrance free moisturizer from “first aid beauty”… Less is more



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